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I know I moved to a new state and had to get ready for college but I really didn’t mean to abandon the site like this!  My last post was in late May and it’s already August, I’m so sorry!

I kept meaning to post a reason for my absence but I got caught up with summer and my new surroundings.  So here is a little update on me:

I am moving OUT of my house on August 9th!  I am a little nervous for college but I am beyond excited.  I have stocked up on Vegan Friendly snacks and cereals and I’m pretty sure I’m ready to go.  If not, I always have that trusty debit card 😉  My school should be pretty easy when it comes to vegan eating.  I have a two meals a day plan and I plan on using those for Lunch and Dinner.  My campus has a sushi bar, smoothie place, salad bars, and dozens of other areas to eat- it’s amazing!  I’ve met my roommate already and she’s really sweet and nice so I’m looking forward to living with her.  We are both moving in early so we can Rush!  I never thought of myself as a ‘Sorority Girl’ but I think it will be a great opportunity to branch out and meet a lot of people.

Again, I’m really sorry for leaving the blog without saying anything.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post in the future but I’ll always keep you guys in mind.

Take care!

-On a side note, I no longer count calories.  I read a book on Intuitive Eating and I have found that it really takes the stress off of eating right and it allows me to enjoy my food a bit more.  I have maintained my weight loss within a few pounds and honestly, I couldn’t be happier!


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I’ve been tagged by Natalie!

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5 facts about me :

1. I am in love with photography! I took a photography class in high school after discovering that I had some natural talent. I have had a photograph featured in my school’s Fine Arts Festival, a photograph hanging in the school’s main office, and an offer to sell one at a silent auction! I didn’t go through with the auction because the rights of my photograph would have gone to a woman and not me! I took this two weekends ago in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s not much but it’s the most recent thing I’ve shot:

2. I am finally graduating from High School this weekend!! Our graduation is on Saturday and I cannot put into words how excited I am!!

3. After living in North Carolina for almost 11 years, I am moving. We are moving June 20th or 21st. I will definitely miss North Carolina but I am also excited to start the next chapter of my life. Like my Politics teacher said, “This is when real life starts.”

4. After much deliberation, I decided that I am going to go to school for Communications and Broadcasting. I am a great writer (If I must say so myself) so I might dabble in journalism as well. Tune into CNN in ten years and maybe you’ll see me 😉

5. I got published!! A few of my photographs, poems, and short stories were published in my school’s yearly book. I am so excited!! I got turned down last year for a short story I entered so I went all out this year.

I guess it’s time for me to pass this along… I am afraid that most people have been tagged already so excuse me if I double tag you.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!! I am having grilled mango and tofu with curried rice for dinner tonight!

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A Message to the Readers

My dear readers,

I have had a fantastic time ‘meeting’ all of you and getting to know you through my comments and through your own blogs.  However, running a food blog is a lot of work, a lot more than I could have imagined.  I commend those of you who can keep posting meal after meal and never lose slack.  I on the other hand have felt a great deal of stress from blogging.  At first, it was fun but now it’s become a chore.  I love blogs and i will continue blogging but not everyday.  Some weeks I may post a couple times and others maybe just once.  I’ll post recipes and dishes I find too good to keep off the Internet!

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you don’t mind my decision to switch to more sporadic posting. 

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Happy Earth Day!!


Mmm, breakfast was such an explosion of flavor this morning!  This bowl of oatmeal is tied with pumpkin oatmeal when it comes to favorites!  I am trying something really different on Wednesday so maybe we’ll have a new winner some time soon.  Until then, I’ll enjoy my Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal!

Whipped Banana, Raisins, Cinnamon, Almond Milk, and Milled Flax Seeds!

With Spring Blend Coffee, Breakfast comes in at 347 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 9 grams of fiber!

I have a Doctors appointment this afternoon to get up to date with College Vaccines so I get to miss some school!  Since my appointment will run into my school’s lunch, I am going to make a fresh, hot lunch at home- no packing today!  I can’t wait to have a big sandwich with Sourdough bread!

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Oats, My Saving Grace

Wow, it’s been a battle to get up this morning!  I didn’t want to leave my warm, comforting bed.  I checked and it says it’s 32 out which doesn’t motivate me to get ready any faster!  It’s supposed to be in the upper 60’s today, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!   Oh, someone is looking at our house this afternnoon so I might run at the trail.  Selling your house is a hassle!

At least breakfast was warm this morning…

Banana, Raisin, Milled Flax Seeds, and a dash of Cinnamon!

With Coffee, breakfast comes to 308 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber!

This bowl of oatmeal was my main motivation to get out of bed 😛

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