Welcome to Vegans Eat!

Hi! Thanks for visiting Vegans Eat! My name is Ally and I am currently a high school senior. I am very interested in health and nutrition. I have been a vegetarian and vegan in the past but not always the healthiest eater. Did you know that oreos were vegan?

This time around, I plan to be a healthy vegan and cut out certain foods like white flour, sugar, splenda, and other processed foods. So, please follow me and watch me, a vegan, eat!



  1. april said

    Hi! I’m a junior in highschool and love to read these blogs as i also eat healthy..its nice to see another high-schooler concerned about healthy eating!

  2. Ali said

    This is so exciting. I have been vegan for the last 4 months, but have struggled with staying healthy. I’d love to follow a plan like yours. Are you making it up as you go? What suggestions do you have. I really want to stay vegan and lose weight. I am also trying to stay away from sugar, white flour and processed foods. Do you have a system that you follow as to when you eat, how much protein you get etc.?

    Any help or info you can offer would rock!

    Thanks, Ali

  3. veganseat said

    Ali, Thanks for reading the blog!
    I am making up the plan as I go. I am still finding out what works and what doesnt. In general I stay away from sugar, white flour, and the unhealthy fats.

    I use sparkpeople and they recommend a 1200-1550 calorie diet of: 55% carbs, 30% fat, and 15% fat. I find that if I am near those amounts, I end up eating a very balanced day.

    I know a lot of vegans don’t like the book but I have found that ‘Skinny Bitch’ is actually very helpful. They teach you that moderation is key and things like corn syrup and diet soda are bad for you. I think the book is 15 dollars at a book store and it’s pretty entertaining!

    Hope this helped, feel free to ask any other questions!


  4. wellsphere said

    Great articles, thanks for sharing it! Would love to feature you on Wellsphere.com, a site that helps people to live healthier. Can’t find a contact form so thought I’d comment; look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Larisa

  5. Krista said

    Your blog looks very professional for being a high school senior. Your baked goods especially look good!

    As a senior nutrition major at Texas A&M University, I am concerned about your caloric intake. 1200-1550 calories is not enough for anyone to sustain on. And, if you exercise daily, your energy amount increases. Usually, the recommended energy intake totals 1800-2200 calories depending on exercise levels. If you are concerned about eating unhealthy/overeating, etc…just listen to your hunger cues. I recommend small healthy snacks throughout the day to re-energize, because one’s blood glucose levels can fall and cause lethargy. Snacks, such as smoothies/dried fruit/crackers, etc…help tie one over till the main meal and help you not to overeat during the following meal. Don’t feel guilty about eating, especially since your diet is healthy and vegan! I give you kudos for being concerned about your health and diet…. Sorry, I don’t mean to be mean or lecture you…I’m just trying to spread the word about healthy eating! On a personal note, I used to worry about counting calories, and it didn’t make life any more enjoyable. You don’t need to be counting calories, just enjoy the vegan food you are eating and enjoy life!

  6. Johnnie Gegenheimer said

    Protein foods are really necessary if you want to build muscles and also if you are recovering from illness. proteins and amino acids are needed to repair damage muscles. .”`”;

    Warm regards

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