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Final NYC Meal

For our final meal, we stopped by Whole Foods for their salad bar.  I went through the line and basically if it was vegan, I got it!  I had lemon baked tofu, baked tofu, forbidden rice, edamame, soy-tein, sesame tofu, sesame broccoli, shredded carrots, artichokes, black beans, Okra Massala, pita bread, cucumbers, peppadew, and plenty of other dishes including a vegan dumpling!  I counted 15 components all together!  It was really tasty, I wish we had a Whole Foods near by!  I’m glad I ate this since our flight was delayed and I was stuck with a Luna Bar and Coffee for dinner!


I would have to say that New York City was a success, both entertainment wise and culinary wise!  I do miss cooking for myself though! Oh, I also snacked on Cheese Quackers from PF&W!

NYC has brought on some changes… first off, I will be walking a lot more at home.  Instead of hopping in the car to pick up ingredients, I am going to walk to our local Harris Teeter instead!  I’m also going to be a full-time blogger.  Basically, I’ll blog everything I eat.  Before, I wouldn’t post if I had a grape or two.  Now, I’ll post my structured meals and even if I nibble you guys will hear about it!  I’m not changing really, I am just building on myself.

Good Night Everyone 🙂


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Zen Palate!

Zen Palate, a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant, was our stop before our Saturday night play.  The restaurant labeled if dishes contained dairy or eggs so it’s great for a traveling vegan.  We called earlier in the day to get a reservation and they told us it wouldn’t be necessary.  Well, if you are heading over to Zen Palate, I would recommend reserving a table- they were packed!


For appetizers, my mother and I decided to split two starters.  First up we have the grilled and marinated Seitan.  This seitan was so chewy and crispy.  I really loved the flavors of the marinade and my mom and I actually finished the dish!  (sorry it’s out of focus, it’s hard secretly taking pictures!)


Second up, we had the Sweet Yam Fries.  These were basically French fries but using sweet potatoes as the base.  They were so crispy and fun to eat with chop sticks!


My main dish was the Curry Power.  Described as a spicy combination of fresh zucchini, snap peas, carrots, onions, peppers, tofu puffs, all in a wheat basket.  The tofu puffs sold me but those ended up just being plain tofu.  The dish was wonderful and I only ate a fourth of the bread basket since it seemed to be a bit deadly!  The sauce was also deadly, a mix of peanut oil, curry, and some other spices.  I really didn’t mind though since I’m on vacation.


Dinner was filling and was a great way to get ready for the play because of it’s great location.  We ended up seeing Wicked and walking around Times Square afterwards.  I took some great pictures but I’ll spare you and only post one!  I would have to say that New York City was a success, both entertainment wise and culinary wise!  I do miss cooking for myself though!

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I know it’s a bit late but my flight was delayed so I’m just settling down.  Instead of sleeping at the airport, I pre wrote some blog entries! Blossom 

After a long Friday evening in the city, we headed out to Blossom, another Vegan Restaurant.  I went in with a growling stomach since I knew I could eat anything I wanted and not really worry about it.  Having true vegan options was so easy; it was a great change from restaurants at home.


To start off the night, my mother and I split the stuffed ravioli.  The ravioli was drenched with a cashew cream sauce, the high light of the dish.  The raviolis themselves were a little bland but when paired with the cashew cream sauce, it really was an explosion of taste!  The dish was topped with small grape tomatoes.


My main dish was a Stuffed Portobello Dish.  With three asparagus spears on the side, this Portobello was stuffed with a mixture of protein, caramelized onions, and some sort of sauce.  The Portobello was laying on a bed of Apricot Couscous.  I wish the lighting had been better here because this dish was gorgeous.  I guess you guys will just have to take my word for it!  I know dim lighting is visibly appealing and makes you eat more but us bloggers need some light!  I tried to be discrete but in the end I was actually holding a candle in the air to try and get some light! 😛


For my mother’s main course, she chose to eat the Spinach Risotto with Shitaki Crusted Tofu.  Her risotto was simply amazing, it had mushrooms, onions, and even a balsamic reduction on the side.  If my Portobello dish hadn’t been so good I would have ordered this!  It was bright green in color and with the slices of tofu, it was really visually appealing. 


This meal wouldn’t be complete without another Vegan Dessert.  The one item that jumped out to both of us was the Strawberry Cheesecake.  A sweet, rich cheesecake topped with a sweet strawberry sauce.  My mom claimed the dessert was better than other ‘regular’ cheesecake she has had in the past!


We ended the night with a pot of freshly steeped Peppermint tea.  Such a relaxing end to a great meal!

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The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Our checkout time is noon so I figured I would use our last bit of wireless internet!  I have so much to blog about!

To start off, I will post our second course from Pure Food and Wine.  I got the Chili Lime Tortilla Wraps.  This was an explosion of flavor!!   My best meal turns out to be the worst photo of the trip but I have to blog about this!

My tortillas, which were chewy and not crunchy, were stuffed with avocados, onions, tomatos, and a brown sauce on the inside which I believe was a lime sauce of some type.  On the side, I had a Cashew Sour Cream which was gone after eating just one tortilla! 

My mom’s second course was Corn Tamales.  I had a fair share of this dish and it was amazing!  On the side was a different Sour Cream and my favorite, avocado!  The brown sauce is a Cocoa Mole.  Every part of this dish tied together perfectly, I wish I knew how to cook like this!

So that ends second course at Pure Food and Wine.  With so many raw AND vegan desserts on the menu, we had to have one… you know, to blog about 😛

Thin Mint Ice Cream!  Mint ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate, chocolate sauce, vanilla bean cream, and a giant thin mint on the bottom!

I think this picture describes how great it was!

While leaving PF&W, I looked up and locked eyes with someone who looked familiar.  Walking out, it hit me- It was Kevin Bacon!  We walked out at the same time and he agreed with my mother that he thought the food was great as well.  We giggled like little school girls for the next thirty minutes!


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Live from New York, It’s Ally!

New York City has been fabulous so far!!  I am sooo tired but the shower is currently occupied by my mother so I hooked up the laptop.  Yesterday, our first day in the city, was so long!  I feel like I had two days packed into one!  For lunch yesterday, I ate at europa cafe and had a tossed salad with tofu, chickpeas, water chestnuts, spinach, carrots, broccoli, and some olive oil as well as a fruit salad.  It was the best tofu I’ve ever had… or I was just starving!


Since I’m tired, I’m just going to do first course of Pure food and wine tonight.  I will post second course AND dessert some other time!

For my first course, I ordered the Napoleon Pumpkin Crisp.  I can’t remember the full name, I should have written it down!  It had a cashew cream, crisps, a pumpkin sauce on the side, and a bit more but I’m too tired to recall! The lighting was very dim so the pictures are not my usual shots!


My mother on the other hand ordered the Asparagus Sushi.  Again, I didn’t write down the full name but I believe it had red pepper, scallion, asparagus, shitaki mushrooms.


I only had a piece of her sushi… it was delicious!

Make sure you check back for Pure Food and Wine part Two and Three!  I’ll also post tonights dinner (it was another Vegan place!)

My bed is looking really comfy, GOOD NIGHT!

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