Oats, My Saving Grace

Wow, it’s been a battle to get up this morning!  I didn’t want to leave my warm, comforting bed.  I checked weather.com and it says it’s 32 out which doesn’t motivate me to get ready any faster!  It’s supposed to be in the upper 60’s today, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!   Oh, someone is looking at our house this afternnoon so I might run at the trail.  Selling your house is a hassle!

At least breakfast was warm this morning…

Banana, Raisin, Milled Flax Seeds, and a dash of Cinnamon!

With Coffee, breakfast comes to 308 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber!

This bowl of oatmeal was my main motivation to get out of bed 😛



  1. VeggieGirl said

    I was up late last night with homework, so I too had issues leaving my nice warm bed this morning, haha. But hey, oats are DEFINITELY a motivating factor, for getting out of bed! ;0)

    Once again, best of luck with the house-sale!! And have a lovely Wednesday :0)

  2. hk said

    looking good…uhh, I had a late one too, luckily a warm bowl of oats was all I needed for a little pep in my step 🙂

  3. Ana said

    Hey! I’m a senior too! and I was just wondering…your food intake looks pretty low? I usually eat 1700-2000 and STILL lose weight. Are you super hungry? I know everyone has different metabolisms, but that’s not a good amount for someone our age! How much weight have you lost?

    I don’t mean to come off offensive (though I probably am-it’s never easy to type what I really mean and sound how I want it to sound^_^). I know that everyone has a different calorie need, but most girls our age do need 1600-2300 calories (some-including myself-lose weight on that!). What do you normally eat when you aren’t trying to lose?

    What I’m trying to ask is, do you feel like you’re going too low? Or does this feel like a good amount to you? I normally eat twice the food you do for dinner plus a morning and evening snack, and still drop about a pound a week with exercise…

  4. Amy Beth said

    Hi! I just wanted to commend you for being so health conscious. Your pictures are great and you seem very mature and intelligent for a senior in high school. It takes a great commitment to be a vegan and still live under your parents roof(or even if you don’t 😉 it still is a big commitment to eat healthfully) Anyway, they must be very supportive of your lifestyle and that’s great. I also wanted to say it’s very commendable as well, that you do so much cooking. You also seem to be quite meticulous about your workouts and eating the right combo of foods…I recommended your blog to my friend who happens to be named Ally and lives in CLT too!
    I just read an article about the benefits of green tea, if you cut out your coffee you would be super vegan!!
    Aviod soft drinks containing phospheric acid (colas), they foster free radicals in your belly, which promote cancer, and bone loss. ** Also coffee higly acidic, no bueno…your body fights long and hard to keep your body an acid free enviroment…it would take 32 galsses of alkaline water to reduce the acid in one can of soda to non-toxic levels if it wheren’t for enzymatic reactions occuring in your gut…but your body can only create so much of this enzyme daily to counter the acids you ingest…what goes uncountered continues through your digestive system, eating away the lining of your large intestine, breakign down inot free radical..reaking havic on your body homeostasis….**** buy a water alkaliner (i know pricey), drink more or less 1 gallon a day ( .5 oz of water per pound of body wieght daily) …. also drink tons of green tea, it has alkalining effects, not to mention a mild stress releaving sedative to promote happy happy brain function…
    I’m routing for you and I am a new fan of your blog.
    Peace and wellness to you-
    Amy Beth

  5. veganseat said

    Ana- I’m glad you can eat 1700-2000 calories and still lose weight. I on the other hand could never eat such a ‘high’ number of calories. Everyone is different when it comes to their bodies and you just have to find out what works for you. Right now this is working for me. I have stayed at the same weight for about a month now and I am very happy at where I am. I am healthy, strong, and energized. I am focusing on toning so losing weight isn’t a priority for me right now. I am eating to live as cheesy as that may sound.

    I am no where near ‘too low’ and for me I am perfect! I am glad you have found what works for you and I have found what works for me!

    It’s funny how different everyone is! 🙂

    Amy Beth- Thank you so, so much! 🙂 I do feel a bit mature for my age when it comes to health and what I eat so it’s great that you pointed that out! I gave up diet soda about a month or so ago and right now coffee is my only caffeine source. I’m not sure if I could part with it! I have 1-2 cups a day. I hope to switch to all tea one day but I actually like coffee. I’ll go super vegan later 😉

    Thanks for all the comments,

  6. Amy Beth said

    For many of us, coffee is the favorite way to jumpstart the day. However, if you are addicted to your morning cup of joe, take this into consideration: Coffee has no medicinal purposes whatsoever! On the other hand, if you switch to tea, you might be doing yourself—and your health—a huge favor. If you add lemon to your green tea you increase the antioxidant benefits by 90%!!
    Coffee has just one real claim to fame—its caffeine content. Granted, caffeine is useful in alleviating asthma by helping relax the airways in the lungs. (In fact, the stimulant was used for precisely that purpose in Europe in the 1850s.) But that’s about the extent of its practicality for health purposes.
    By contrast, tea is known for its abilities to fight both cancer and heart disease. There are two types of teas, black and green, which are essentially the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The difference is that black tea leaves are fermented; green are not.
    Teas of both varieties contain polyphenols, a class of flavonoids. These compounds function as powerful antioxidants that can protect your body from free radical stress. The most notable of these is quercetin, well known for its ability to temper allergic reactions and interrupt the oxidation of LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol.
    Quercetin can also be very useful in helping to fight and prevent cancer. Apples and onions are some of the other foods that contain quercetin in high amounts.
    So, tomorrow morning, think twice before you go to brew that pot of coffee. You’ll do your body a big favor by skipping the coffee and sipping some tea instead.

  7. Katie said

    I have to say, tea has some pretty awesome benefits but…I LOVE coffee. Not for its caffeine, but for its super rich and complex taste. Tea is just too watery and weak tasting for me!
    I think Ally does a pretty great job being vegan in pretty much every way. And after all, it is best to eat some things just for the flavor, without always being concerned about how to optimize health benefits. It’s part of eating to live!
    I’m definitely feeling the coffee Ally 🙂 Oat and coffee are my favorite breakfast, too.

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