The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Our checkout time is noon so I figured I would use our last bit of wireless internet!  I have so much to blog about!

To start off, I will post our second course from Pure Food and Wine.  I got the Chili Lime Tortilla Wraps.  This was an explosion of flavor!!   My best meal turns out to be the worst photo of the trip but I have to blog about this!

My tortillas, which were chewy and not crunchy, were stuffed with avocados, onions, tomatos, and a brown sauce on the inside which I believe was a lime sauce of some type.  On the side, I had a Cashew Sour Cream which was gone after eating just one tortilla! 

My mom’s second course was Corn Tamales.  I had a fair share of this dish and it was amazing!  On the side was a different Sour Cream and my favorite, avocado!  The brown sauce is a Cocoa Mole.  Every part of this dish tied together perfectly, I wish I knew how to cook like this!

So that ends second course at Pure Food and Wine.  With so many raw AND vegan desserts on the menu, we had to have one… you know, to blog about 😛

Thin Mint Ice Cream!  Mint ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate, chocolate sauce, vanilla bean cream, and a giant thin mint on the bottom!

I think this picture describes how great it was!

While leaving PF&W, I looked up and locked eyes with someone who looked familiar.  Walking out, it hit me- It was Kevin Bacon!  We walked out at the same time and he agreed with my mother that he thought the food was great as well.  We giggled like little school girls for the next thirty minutes!




  1. Caroline said

    That Thin Mint ice cream looks way better than what you get at the grocery store!! The whole meal looks great. That’s so exciting that you saw Kevin Bacon–gotta love celeb sightings.

  2. Kevin Bacon in a vegan restaurant. Am I the only one who finds this hilarious?

  3. Julz said

    Aww this is so precious 🙂 I love my mommy too! Totally my best friend and when we’re out, we laugh at the STUPIDEST things forever! 🙂

    Alice, I found that SO funny… Can we mention that this was a RAW Vegan Restaurant? I think this could be SO great for the Vegan Cuisine though, because maybe more chefs will take note that it is on the uprise!

    Have a Great SUnday! 🙂

  4. april said

    You are so pretty! and the food looks amazing!

  5. Romina said

    wow, Kevin Bacon? That’s so random!

  6. veganseat said

    It was pretty random to see Kevin Bacon! I googled it afterwards and he’s not vegan or vegetarian… guess he was just in the mood for some good food 😉

    Julz- moms are the best! My mom and I really bonded this weekend, it’s just what our relationship needed!

    I really need to go bed, I’m tired!


  7. VeggieGirl said

    AMAZING POST!!! As you can see, your mom ordered the same dish that my mom did, haha; and hooray for posting dessert pictures!!! I STILL can’t believe that EVERYONE in my party forgot to take pictures of desserts, haha! Oh and HOW COOL that you saw Kevin Bacon – I love that his last name is Bacon, and yet apparently he eats “clean” food ;0)

  8. Alexander Hawkeswood said

    Kevin Bacon is vegetarian (According to PETA)

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