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Oh my, Vegan Scones!

I’m sure a lot of people who stumble upon this site have visited  Well, for a little while now Kath has been in search of the perfect scone!  Reading about her scone experiments really made me want to make some!  Today on her site, someone posted a Scone recipe from  Out of curiosity, I checked out the recipe and….. it was vegan!  I also had all the ingredients on hand so I knew I was destined to make them 😉

Hungry Girl’s Snazzy Blueberry Scones

I made a few slight modifications so my scones came out to 106 calories each.  The recipe was beyond easy to follow and you can check it out here!

Review: The blueberries gushed when you bit into the scone and exploded with flavor!  Just like the recipe states, these scones are warm and doughy.  They are not crumbly at all but the flavor is fantastic!  It has a slight sweet undertone and the blueberries are perfectly proportionate with the scones.  It yields four scones so I’ll definitely have a great snack for the next couple of days!

And finally, my scone!


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Very Berry Makeover

Happy Friday!  I have a fun weekend coming up and I just can’t wait to get it started!  Seven hours of school and then I’m free 😛

I decided to do something fun with breakfast this morning so I created a before and after post!

Before cooking on the stove.

After!  Oats with almond milk, flax seed, blueberries, and strawberries!

This makeover came in at 251 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fiber!

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Blueberry Corn Pancakes!

I’ve been waiting for this morning ever since I accidently deleted my pictures last week… Veganomicon’s Blueberry Corn Pancakes!  They are not a pretty as before (go figure) but they are so, so good!  I think I added too many blueberries.

Corn Pancakes bursting with Blueberries.

Also with a side of Scrambled Tofu and Spinach.

This vegan feast comes out to 263 calories, 14 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber!

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