Summer Yellow Smoothie

It feels so foreign to be typing this post!  I can’t lie, I’ve missed you guys!

Today’s post is just a quick smoothie I whipped up today.  Also, try to spot something that doesn’t belong in the picture 😛

Banana Mango Smoothie


  • 100 g Banana or a Medium Banana
  • 90 g frozen mango chunks (thawed) or about a Handful of Mango Chunks
  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 cup crushed ice
  • Sweetener (optional)


  • Cut up your banana into medium slices and toss into your blender.
  • Pour in your almond milk and blend for 1-2 seconds, enough to break up the banana.
  • Add thawed mango.  I use thawed mango here because my blender will not break up frozen chunks, it just makes a lot of loud noises!  Blend until the mango is incorporated.
  • Add crushed ice and if your using a sweetener throw it in here and then blend until smooth.

I was going to add some Vanilla Protein Powder to mine to jazz it up but I checked the pantry and I am completely out.  This isn’t a surprise since I haven’t had protein powder since last September!

My smoothie was 170 calories, 2 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fiber. It’s a tasty base so you can definitely add some more nutritious add ins.

Since it’s so light, this is a great drink for a Summer Lunch or even Dinner!  The banana and mango go great together and it’s so pretty to eat!

I’ll be posting a lot more often guys, this past week was pretty loco!


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Mini Banana Oat Pancakes

Mini Banana and Oat Pancakes


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 50 grams banana
  • 1/4 cup almond milk or other milk
  • Sweetener and Cinnamon To Taste
  • 1 tbs Milled Flax Seeds
  • Sprinkle of baking powder


  1. Mash Banana with a fork.  Leave a couple chunks in the mix.
  2. Add sweetener, cinnamon, flax seeds, and baking powder to mashed banana.
  3. Incorporate oats into mixture.
  4. Add almond milk and stir until the liquid is equally distributed
  5. Form into mini pancakes and cook in a non stick pan until browned and then flip and repeat.

Yields 5 Pancakes the Size of Sand Dollars

235 Calories, 7 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fiber.

These actually taste like little bites of Banana Bread!

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A Message to the Readers

My dear readers,

I have had a fantastic time ‘meeting’ all of you and getting to know you through my comments and through your own blogs.  However, running a food blog is a lot of work, a lot more than I could have imagined.  I commend those of you who can keep posting meal after meal and never lose slack.  I on the other hand have felt a great deal of stress from blogging.  At first, it was fun but now it’s become a chore.  I love blogs and i will continue blogging but not everyday.  Some weeks I may post a couple times and others maybe just once.  I’ll post recipes and dishes I find too good to keep off the Internet!

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you don’t mind my decision to switch to more sporadic posting. 

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Busy Baking

Whew, I just got done with baking my Vegan Staples!  It’s been awhile since I had to make them and I sort of forgot the work that goes into it!  I made Chickpea Cutlets and Black Bean Burgers from Veganomicon. 

chickpea cutlets.  I made them smaller this time around so I can put them into burgers and sandwiches. 

Black Bean Burgers.  I omitted the onions this time and added a squirt of lime juice to jazz things up.  They look really great, I can’t wait to try one!

After baking, I had Trader Joe’s lightly salted Apple Chips with some of my Pumpkin Hummus.

305 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber.

Aww man, It just started to pour down rain 😦

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Sunday Brunch

I woke up a little past Ten o’clock this morning and really wasn’t in the mood to eat.  So, I chatted on the phone a bit with my Mom and read some of my book.  My Family is at my brothers basketball Tournament and I have to give him a shout out!  Congrats on your first win, Greg!!!  He scored 9 points this morning and helped his team win their first game! (He also promised me the first basket 🙂 )

Brunch today consisted of a Tofu Scramble ‘Egg’ Sandwich and fresh fruit.

Freshly mangled  cut mango and banana.  The mango was really ripe and I seriously mangled that bad boy.  The rest will go into smoothies and oatmeal!

Before assembling:  Scrambled Tofu, Spinach, Bell Peppers, and Ezekiel 4:9 Bread.

Even though brunch was great, I had 15 g (1 tbs) of Chocolate Chips afterwards.  I wanted something sweet and that really hit the spot!  With chocoalte chips, brunch was 416 calories, 21 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fiber.

I think I need to hide the chocolate chips 😛

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Microwaving Amy

Everytime I go to the store, I stand in front of the Frozen Section looking at all of the goodies by Amy’s.  I finally decided to just go for it and have a frozen dinner.  After studying the vegan choices, I settled on…

Amy’s Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap.

Inside shot!  I was both surprised and pleased at the flavor of this wrap!  Since it was frozen, I wasn’t expecting much but it really tastes great and the spinach doesn’t have that canned spinach taste- if you know what I mean.  I LOVED it and now I know i’ll have a great option in the future!  (I still prefer cooking my food, not microwaving!!)

With the same spinach and peppers from last night, this meal came out to be 355 calories, 13 grams of protein, and 9 grams of fiber.

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Panera Bread

I  loooove Panera Bread!   I used to order the Mediterranean Veggie when I was a vegetarian all the time!  I wanted the sandwich so I ordered it without the feta cheese!  Before lunch, I went on a really easy, relaxing walk.

Instead of chips, I got an apple.

Mediterranean Veggie sandwich with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro jalapeno hummus, peppadew peppers, and onions.  The bread contains honey but I found that out after I ate the sandwich :/  I should have checked before hand.

It also came with a little pickle!  I am not sure of the calories since the nutrition information online includes the feta cheese!  I’m guessing around 580 calories.

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