Oh my, Vegan Scones!

I’m sure a lot of people who stumble upon this site have visited KathEats.com.  Well, for a little while now Kath has been in search of the perfect scone!  Reading about her scone experiments really made me want to make some!  Today on her site, someone posted a Scone recipe from Hungry-Girl.com.  Out of curiosity, I checked out the recipe and….. it was vegan!  I also had all the ingredients on hand so I knew I was destined to make them 😉

Hungry Girl’s Snazzy Blueberry Scones

I made a few slight modifications so my scones came out to 106 calories each.  The recipe was beyond easy to follow and you can check it out here!

Review: The blueberries gushed when you bit into the scone and exploded with flavor!  Just like the recipe states, these scones are warm and doughy.  They are not crumbly at all but the flavor is fantastic!  It has a slight sweet undertone and the blueberries are perfectly proportionate with the scones.  It yields four scones so I’ll definitely have a great snack for the next couple of days!

And finally, my scone!



  1. Romina said

    I love it when the blueberries explode!!! Those look super delish!

  2. VeggieGirl said

    A Hungry-Girl recipe that’s vegan??? Can it be??? Every time I see recipes on that site, they almost ALWAYS contain egg whites or something… I guess miracles CAN happen! ;0)

    Those scones look marvelous – yum!

  3. Kath said

    They do look great with those blueberries!!!

  4. trustmyintuition said

    Those look delicious!! My goodness!

  5. hk said

    yum, I’m eager to try! I LOVE blueberries in just about EVERYTHING 🙂

  6. Katie said

    Yeah, I think if I tried those knowing to expect cake-y, not crumbly, they would be fantastic. What modifications did you make?

  7. hk said

    yum, I’m eager to try! I LOVE blueberries in just about EVERYTHING 🙂 what were your substititions…these look awesome!

  8. Vegans Eat said

    I didn’t substitute any ingredients, I just used a little less brown sugar and fewer blueberries. I didn’t have enough blueberries to fill a full 3/4 cup. Not true modifications but it did alter the calories in the scones (maybe HG used a different soy milk than me as well?)

    and it is nuts that HG had a vegan scone recipe 😛

  9. I had a look at the recipe and have no clue what this “Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix” is. I might just substitute it with flour, can I? because the recipe is otherwise easy and I love it that you only get 4 scones! that means you only eat 4 scones! 🙂

  10. theponderpond said

    These look delicious! Yum!

  11. Yum! They look like they’d be good with coffee or tea.. And your plates are adorable!

  12. oatmeal said

    Wow those DO look pretty snazzy! I love the huge blueberry chunks you’ve put in there!

  13. Cassie said

    Wow those look fabulous and for only 106 calories- can it be? They are added to my baking list!

  14. Jessie said

    do you have a job outside school? Just wondering

  15. Vegans Eat said

    No, right now I’m just a full time student. I am looking for a summer job though.

  16. Danielle said

    Those look incredible!

  17. Melissa said

    those look and sound amazing!

  18. […] Vegan Eats!: Hungry Girl’s Snazzy Blueberry Scones […]

  19. Audrey said

    What modification did you make, because they look better than the original recipe! You should really stop by Trader Joes and try their Blueberry Bran Muffins. There huge, but better yet, HUGELY filling!! I

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