This afternoon’s workout:

  • 50 minute spin class
  • Free Weights

The cycle class was really, really good!  I loved the instructor so much that I am going to make an effort to go to all of her classes even if she only teaches two a week.  She made the class fly by and I felt challenged the entire time!  After working out, I was on my way home and found out that people were looking at our house.  Since they were there I couldn’t cook!  Instead of cooking, I got Sushi from Kabuto’s and brought it home later.

Cucumber Roll

‘Ultimate’ Veggie Roll

All the sushi!

Edamame that I steamed at home.

I love sushi 🙂

Oh, have any of you made your own sushi?  I want to try and make a healthier version at home but I’m a little intimidated!



  1. andrea said

    mmm i heart sushi! so this question may sound completely stupid but I’m new to the world of vegan/vegetarian eating. when you eat steamed edamame do you eat the whole veggie or do you only eat the inside? i ordered it from a japanese place the other day and the outer part was kinda rough and hard to chew!

  2. Romina said

    Yum! I could go for veggie sushi ANY day!

  3. veganseat said

    Andrea- When you are eating edamame in the pods, push out the individual edamame and eat those. The outer part isn’t meant to be eaten 🙂

  4. wannabevegan said

    I love making sushi! i dont do it that often anymore, unfortunately. You need: a bamboo mat, seaweed sheets(nori), sushi rice, rice wine vinegar, sugar, fillings, and a sharp knife. Cook the rice and spice it according to the directions on the package with sigar and vinegar. Let it cool. Spread a square of nori on the bamboo mat and put a thin layer of the rice on it, leaving about an inch rice-free at the top. put your fillings horizontally in the middle, roll, cut and enjoy! It will look really impressive.
    btw, you could just google sushi making instructions, im not sure i covered everything.

  5. Jill said

    I made sushi once and it was a little difficult, but SO Much fun! The problem I have with sushi is I really don’t think I get enough calories/nutrients from it when I eat it for a meal.

    Andrea – I like to eat the outside a lot, haha. I’m weird like that, I eat the whole apple and pear as well.

  6. andrea said

    haha thanks! i feel so stupid for trying the whole thing now lol

  7. Cassie said

    I tried to make sushi once – lets just say it didnt work- but that doesn’t mean you can’t … if you succeed just let me know how you did it – thanks haha

    Veggie sushi is my favorite! It is the only thing I order (I don’t like raw fish)

  8. Bee said

    Wow, beautiful!

  9. I LOVE homemade sushi, and really, you shouldn’t be intimidated at all. You just need to wash the rice thoroughly, and get it rolling! It won’t be perfect, but after a few rolls you’ll do all right.
    And Cassie, really, try again! There are a million how to’s in internet!

  10. Matt said

    We tried making sushi once, quite awhile ago. Not terribly hard, so long as you take your time cutting the “fillers” to get them extra small, and always have some cold water with a splash of vinegar in it around so the sticky sticky rice doesn’t get EVERYWHERE.

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