Hot, Fresh Lunch!

It was so nice to leave school early!!  My Doctors appointment went great and my blood pressure is perfect… for some reason I always stress out about those silly numbers when I get them checked!  On the way home, I stopped by Trader Joe’s for some staples and a treat or two!

  • Whole Wheat Buns (threw these in the freezer, they thaw out SO well!)
  • Creamy Natural Peanut Butter
  • Semi Sweet Chocolate chips
  • Kiwis! 
  • High Fiber O’s
  • Dried Granny Smith Apples – I’m excited to toss these into salads!
  • WW Couscous
  • Tempeh

After shopping, I finally made it home and started putting together lunch!

On the side, a Spinach, Mango, and Almond Salad with 1 tbs Annie’s Goddess Dressing.

HOT SANDWICH!  Grilled Eggplant, Grilled Tofu with Dijon mustard, Spinach, and two slices of Sourdough bread!  I made this in my grill pan which I have neglected for so long!  Easy grilled veggies will be on the menu more often!

Lunch was 404 calories, 18 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fiber!



  1. Mariel said

    Hey there,

    I’m a new reader to your blog and I find your calorie posts very helpful. Before upping to 1500 calories, you were eating 1200? You mentioned before that you were trying to lose weight so I am wondering how fast you are losing weight? 2 pounds per week? Also, how many calories will you consume when you are at your goal weight?

    I’m asking these questions because I also want to lose weight (about 10 pounds), but I am much smaller…as in i’m SHORT (5 feet even!) and I have not been losing much on a 1200 calorie diet.

    I don’t mean in any way to be critical or rude so I’m sorry if these questions seem personal in any way.

    Great Blog btw!


  2. Romina said

    Yum! That sourdough looks so good!

  3. VeggieGirl said

    Wow, what a great haul of groceries from Trader Joe’s!! Looks like you’re using your time off from school wisely :0)

    LOVE sandwich & salad ingredients, for your lunch – perfect mix of refreshing, “spring-y” flavors. Yum!

  4. I love your groceries! they’re so different from what I have here, that’s cool!

    The sandwich looks so great, I love my grilling pan but it sticks a lot!

  5. veganseat said

    Mariel- Yes, I was eating around 1200 calories per day when I first starting losing weight. I actually never lost more than 1 pound a week when I started. So, after seeing a small change I decided to change up my exercise and go from Low Intensity Yoga classes and walking to actually running again and elliptical (I had ankle tendonitis earlier and just dropped exercise all together!!) Once I upped the exercise, the pounds started to fall off. I still hit periods where I wouldn’t lose weight but I noticed my pants fit differently so I was ok with that!

    I don’t weigh myself now and I am focusing on how I look and how toned I am. I am aiming for 1400 a day (even though some days I accidently get lower OR higher) and I am not sure how I much I will eat when I hit my ‘goal’ I have figured that I will find where I am happy and stick to it!

    Thanks for reading and if you have any more questions don’t be hesitant to email me at

  6. Tina said

    Yum! That looks so delicious! I never thought of putting tofu in a sandwich. Love the idea!

  7. Caroline said

    Mmm your grilled sammie looks so tasty…oh, how I love tofu. I have a quick question: are you still planning out all your meals and snacks or no? I was just curious to see if that was helpful for you.

  8. Jill said

    What a nice hit-up at TJ! I’m craving tofu now. Mmmm, tofu sandwich….

  9. veganhomemade said

    A mango and spinach salad sounds fabulous, as does that sandwich. That’s good eating.

  10. Jessie said

    Hey there, i was just going to throw some empathy your way for the ankle trauma, i too recently got the news that i had to lay off running for a few weeks and i was pretty upset, its good that you can do other things like swimming and cycling though, i was told to completely stay off it (as if thats realistic) and then try a “tentative walk” in 3 weeks. I’m pretty bummed! Good luck with the ankle!

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