Quick Mexican Dinner and A Crunchy Berry Crisp

Since we don’t have running water, I had to make a one pot dinner to cut down on cleaning!  It’s a hard task for me because I love to cook.  For dinner, I made a Mexican Inspired plate of Rice and Beans.

Canned Refried Beans.  I had to make these in the microwave… surprisingly they were not bad!

Fresh Guacamole.

Brown Rice with Bell Peppers and Mrs. Dash.

Dinner was 403 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 13 grams of fiber.

Since I’m low on calories today, I wanted to end the night with something warm.  So, I baked a Berry Crisp!

Using Trader Joe’s frozen berry blend of Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.  The topping is made of Oats, cinnamon, stevia, and soy milk!

This really hit spot!  Including grapes and almonds that I munched on, this snack was 250 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fiber.



  1. Jill said

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy! I tend to turn to nuts when I’m low on calories, but that looks even better!

    Btw, what type of camera do you have? Mine can definitely not take pictures that amazingly.

  2. VeggieGirl said

    I HIGHLY commend you for being able to create such a delicious, nutritious dinner and dessert, without access to running water – you’re incredible in the kitchen, Ally!!

  3. veganseat said

    VeggieGirl- Thank you so, so much! It was such a pain… I will definitely appreciate water once we get it back! Plus, I feel so wasteful drinking all these bottled waters!

    Jill- I just use a little digital camera. It’s a Kodak EasyShare C533. I want a new one some time soon but I’m getting a new cell phone for my graduation gift so I guess i’m stuck with this one!
    Here is the link if you are interested: http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=8039&pq-locale=en_US

  4. alexa said

    i jut found your blog and if you don’t mind, i have a few questions. like…how many calories do you consume per day because you seem to eat around only 1500 and you STILL exercise?!? wow! are you trying to lose weight or are you super thin or what??? cause i am newly vegan and want to drop 5-10 pound and would appreciate caloric intake goals, etc.

    you rock!

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