Sushi and Sweets!

This afternoon, I finally got to try Trader Joe’s ‘Just a Handful of Go Raw Trek Mix’.  They are pre-portioned snack bags of trail mix!

210 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein.  They were really tasty but slightly high in calories… it was good for a day where I am not feeling 100%!

After munching on these, I went for a very easy 2.25 mile walk.  It was nice out and I wanted to move on my ‘off’ day so it was perfect


For dinner tonight, I went out and had Sushi!

Salad with Ginger Dressing.  I had a few bites of this, the dressing wasn’t good at all…

Steamed Edamame with Sea Salt.

Asparagus Roll!  Tempura Asparagus turned out to be fantastic!  I was surprised when this roll came out because I wasn’t expecting it to be crispy!

Vegetable Roll with asian baby carrots, marinated daikon, cucumber, and asparagus.


For dessert tonight, We raided Earth Fare!  I had several samples of vegan candy from the bulk section and ended up making two sweet purchases.

Vegan Chocolate Frosted Cake

Double Chocolate Cookie from Alternative Baking. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it all  😛

I am pretty full and extremely happy!



  1. Jill said

    I love sushi! I think I love it more than the desserts!

  2. The asparagus roll looks so great! I’ve never had something like that!
    Oh, and the sweets… sadly, I can’t just go out here and buy vegan sweets…

  3. katheats said

    Yum, yum!! Where’d you go for sushi? Or is it take out?? I want that icing!!!

  4. Marco said

    I love snacks. Some of those looked pretty tempting.

  5. VeggieGirl said

    Raw trail mix + vegan dessert samples = heaven.

    So sorry that the salad wasn’t good – usually ginger-dressing is quite delicious! Bummer :0(

    Happy Saturday!

  6. veganseat said

    Kath- We went to Yotto Japanese Restaurant. It’s a tiny little place, I’m sure you’ve seen it before!

    Surprisingly, I only had 1/4 of the both the cake and the cookie. It was will power at it’s highest form!

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