Rainy Running and a Lentil Lunch

Today’s run was definitely fun, it rained the entire time!  Like I mentioned earlier, I ran with my dad so it was great to catch up with him.  He was out of town this week and this little bonding experience was just what we needed.  He is newer to running (he plays basketball and cycles) so we just did 3.5 miles in 33:23.  I loved running with him, we talked about exercise majority of the time! 

After running, I had some grapes and cantaloupe to hold me off while I cooked lunch.  No picture though, I was really hungry! 

For lunch, I had Green Chili and Tomato Lentils, Tempeh, and Mini Whole Wheat Pitas.

The 100% WW Pitas are so adorable!  I bought them at Trader Joe’s!

For today’s Tempeh, I simmered the Tempeh with the lentils so it could absorb the flavors.

Green lentils simmered with Green Chilis, tomato, tomato paste, and spices.  I didn’t use too many spices today, I wasn’t in the mood for a super spicy dish.

To eat this dish, I stuffed a tiny bit of lentils and tempeh into the whole wheat pitas until I finished all 6 halves. After that, I just enjoyed the dish.  It was really fun to eat!  Overall, it was light on vegetables so I’ll have to fit those in later today!  I was thinking of making cupcakes today but I’m not sure if I am in the mood… we’ll see!

Including the fruit from earlier, Lunch was 388 calories, 22 grams of protein, and 21 grams of fiber.

 Oh, I almost forgot!  Today is The Blog’s One Month Anniversary 🙂



  1. Kelly T. said

    look how cute! those pitas would make the cutest appetitizers for parties, and healthy too.

    Iwant to be like your dad when i grow up-except minus the whole being a guy thing. Good for him for running with you and sharing fitness. I always feel that while i love to work out, im destined to do it alone because no one around me finds it very important, which is a shame.

  2. Kelly T. said

    oh, happy anniversary!

  3. VeggieGirl said

    Despite the rain, it sounds like you had a great run, and a nice time catching up with your dad – awesome!

    Wow, that really IS a *mini* pita, haha! Too cute :0)

    Oooh, those lentils are calling out to me – yum! Have you ever tried red lentils?? Those are my favorite.

    HAPPY ONE-MONTH “BLOG ANNIVERSARY”!!! Here’s to many MORE months of your fabulous bog-posts :0)

  4. The mini pitas are so sweet and cute! And that’s a new idea to cook tempeh (and not baking it with tamari sauce AGAIN). I love your meals!

  5. Celine said

    happy anniversary!
    those mini pitas are ace.

  6. Jessica said

    I am in college (19 years old) and am exactly like you when it comes to food and fitness!! its SO nice to see somebody else care about their body the way i do, after all it is a temple and the only one we get! i have a bit of a personal question though, do you find it hard to fit this lifestyle into your social life? my friends do not care as much about themselves as i do, (typical at 19), but i was just wondering how your life compares?
    -sorry for long post! happy anniversary!

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