Mountains of Kale

I can’t stress how wonderful it is to have planned meals!  It’s so easy and my lunch was so good today that I didn’t need a snack!  Tonight, I had Salsa Rice with Black beans, Chikn Patty, Guacamole, and kale and took a plethora of pictures!

Brown rice with salsa and black beans.

Chickn Patty

Fresh Guacamole

Tons of steamed Kale!

I loved this dinner, there is just something so good about avocados, rice, and salsa! Dinner comes to 490 calories, 27 grams of protein, and 16 grams of fiber!

I’m going to go work out, maybe have a snack, and then finish up some school work!



  1. Jessie said

    just looking at your blog for the first time….your in highschool? how does that work are your parents vegan to? When i was still in highschool i sure didnt’ make everything myself, it suprises me to see someone so young blogging about their food intake.

  2. veganseat said

    Hi Jessie! I am in high school and no, my parents are not vegan. They are very supportive of my decision seeing that I went vegetarian four years ago. I have always loved cooking shows and when i was 15, I started to make dinner for myself each night. For me, cooking is natural and blogging is just a fun way to share what I make!

  3. Jill said

    I’m drooling, literally!

  4. Yay for kale! love your meal!

  5. VeggieGirl said


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