Shopping for the Week

I am so proud of myself, I have Monday-Sunday pre-planned!  This even includes snacks!  With my menu in hand, I went out shopping and bought the things I will need.  I love this because I won’t be running to the store every third day for two ingredients!

My first stop was Harris Teeter where I loaded up on produce:

Tomato, raisins, asparagus, cauliflower, squash, carrots, broccoli, celery, and frozen peppers.

As well as some staples

Silk, silk creamer, Annie’s Dressing, Granola, Turkey slices, Butternut Squash soup (best soup ever), bacon slices, and Fuze was 4 for 5 dollars!

My second stop was at Trader Joe’s, my favorite store… ever! Everything I bought here will last much longer than a week.  The pre packaged trail mix will last for over a month!

Hummus, tofutti cream cheese, larabars, fruit leather, Pre-made whole wheat pizza dough (friday… i can’t wait!), MINI Whole wheat Pita pockets!, Whole wheat hamburger buns, frozen berries, almond milk, and Go Raw Trail Mix.

I am going to freeze the bread products so they last awhile and I’m not tempted to stray from my meal plan (which I wont, I swear!)  I was so excited about the mini pita pockets, I’m going to change a day in my menu just so I can have them!

Now that the ‘fun’ is done, I have to get a lot of school work done!  I’ll post lunch in a little bit!



  1. Sally said

    It looks great-I am looking forward to seeing what you create this week!

  2. I admire you! you even planned the snacks? I’ve tried to plan a little for this week too, but not so well organized.

  3. Emily said

    Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough is sooooooo good!! It is my new favorite thing to make on a Saturday night with my fiance!

  4. Jill said

    Oh goodness, I ADORE Pacific butternut squash and almond milk. Will you go shopping for me?

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