Jobs and Potato Buns

Despite terrible stomach cramps and not so favorable weather, I decided to suck it up and go on a run.  I’m sweating like crazy due to the humidity.  I ended up running 3 miles in 27:08.  I seriously thought I had ran ten minute miles since my stomach hurt so bad so I am actually quite pleased at my time!

My job search was really successful, I should have an interview coming up and since my friend has worked there for almost 2 years she said I would be hired just for knowing her!  I’m pretty excited and i’m sure that will make blogging a little more difficult but i’ll manage! 

My snack before running was a thawed out and warmed potato bun (my last one) with 1 tbs of light smart balance and 1 tbs of almond butter!

307 calories, 9 grams of protein, and only 3 grams of fiber.

I’m going out with somone tonight so I can’t do a dinner post!  Have a great night everyone!



  1. Courtney said

    Hey I remember you saying you were trying to lose weight and was wondering why you felt you needed to lose wieght?

  2. […] and there she was on a date!!!! I hope I didn’t embarrass you Ally 😉  She even said in her snack post that she couldn’t post dinner because she was going out. I do have to say that her date was […]

  3. Jill said

    Congrats on the jobs…. and the date! Hope it went well!

  4. hk said

    so funny you bumped into Kath 🙂 Hope it was a good night!!

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