Very Filling Lunch!

I really wanted to get some fresh air today so I walked two loops around my neighborhood.  The walk ended up being 4.5 miles long but I swear it didn’t feel long at all!  I brought my water bottle with me and by the end of it, my appetite had returned!

For lunch today, I knew I really wanted some soup so I had 10 oz of Creamy Organic Butternut Squash soup.  I am buying this soup again, I need to write down the name brand so I can remember- it’s that good!

I also had a boca burger with mustard, nayonaise, and spinach.  I ended up picking apart the sandwich and dipping the Ezekiel Bread into the soup!

On the side, I had a mountain of baked summer squash!  You can still see the steam in the picture!

This filling lunch was 349 calories, 24 grams of protein, and 14 grams of fiber!

Soy Yogurt recipe coming soon 🙂



  1. Christie said

    When you make the black bean burgers… what is the form i buy vital wheat gluten in? Is it powder or not?


  2. veganseat said

    Christie, I use Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten. I think that’s powder?

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