Wrapping Up!

It’s so hard packing for lunch, I usually make food based on cravings!  Since school is starting up again, I really need to sit down and write out a weeks worth of food- it would save a lot of time and energy!

For this Tuesday lunch, I made a great wrap!


4 slices smart deli Turkey slices, Nayonaise, mustard, and spinach all wrapped in a light Flat Out Wrap.

On the side, I had a serving of firm tofu.  I really love the taste of tofu, I eat it cold and right out of the package!  Anyone else eat tofu like this?

I also had a cut up carrot on the side!  Lunch came out to be 325 calories, 33 grams of protein, and 14 grams of fiber!

I think I am going to rest today and not exercise… I’m honestly not in the mood!  I am starting my 10k Training Tomorrow so I think a day off from cardio should be good for me! 



  1. Romina said

    I had nayonaise for the first time in a wrap today, oh boy it adds great flavor!

  2. hk said

    yum, this loooks great!

  3. Caroline said

    You’re definitely not alone in loving tofu, even on its own. My family always makes fun of me when I am preparing a tofu dish, because I sneak bites of plain tofu while cooking!

  4. Em said

    I love tofu plain and raw. I actually like tofu pretty much any way. I did grow up with parents who lived in Japan though, so eating plain tofu is the norm!

  5. veganseat said

    Glad I’m not the only plain tofu lover! Caroline, I’m guilty of sneaking tofu as well!

    Romina, nayonaise is GREAT in wraps, it just gives it that extra kick!

  6. Julz said

    My mom was vegan for 10 years and though she had to stop due to digestive tract irritation and other health-related reasons, she still ADORES tofu and raised me on the stuff! I, like you and Em, eat it plain, and RIGHT out of the package. You know what else I looooove? Call me crazy, but put a portion of Tofu in a skillet with some flavored evoo (just a little to give it a great sear and then add a slice of Veganrella on top or Soya Mozzerella cheese (my personal fave…it melts REALLY well…Rice Cheese melts great too!) and put tin foil on top to tent/melt the cheese and it’s SO good it’s insane. It’s even great in a sam!

  7. Yes, you’re not the only tofu lover… I specially like the smoked one, I eat it out of the package! My coworkers give me a funny look whenever I bring it for lunch.

  8. melissa said

    Hi Ally,

    I found you via Kath. I wanted to encourage you in your pre-planning meals. My hubby is a full time substitute teacher and is taking classes at night to get his certification and masters degree (so he can be a ‘real’ teacher), and I work crazy hours, so we have to plan all of our meals in advance or we’d never eat well!! If you need any tips on organizing or anything, don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I’ve got a system going that seems to work pretty well for us.

    Hope all is well in your world,

  9. Tra said

    i soo eat plain tofu out of the package. it tastes soo good. sometime i just dip it in soysauce. yum!

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