Zen Palate!

Zen Palate, a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant, was our stop before our Saturday night play.  The restaurant labeled if dishes contained dairy or eggs so it’s great for a traveling vegan.  We called earlier in the day to get a reservation and they told us it wouldn’t be necessary.  Well, if you are heading over to Zen Palate, I would recommend reserving a table- they were packed!


For appetizers, my mother and I decided to split two starters.  First up we have the grilled and marinated Seitan.  This seitan was so chewy and crispy.  I really loved the flavors of the marinade and my mom and I actually finished the dish!  (sorry it’s out of focus, it’s hard secretly taking pictures!)


Second up, we had the Sweet Yam Fries.  These were basically French fries but using sweet potatoes as the base.  They were so crispy and fun to eat with chop sticks!


My main dish was the Curry Power.  Described as a spicy combination of fresh zucchini, snap peas, carrots, onions, peppers, tofu puffs, all in a wheat basket.  The tofu puffs sold me but those ended up just being plain tofu.  The dish was wonderful and I only ate a fourth of the bread basket since it seemed to be a bit deadly!  The sauce was also deadly, a mix of peanut oil, curry, and some other spices.  I really didn’t mind though since I’m on vacation.


Dinner was filling and was a great way to get ready for the play because of it’s great location.  We ended up seeing Wicked and walking around Times Square afterwards.  I took some great pictures but I’ll spare you and only post one!  I would have to say that New York City was a success, both entertainment wise and culinary wise!  I do miss cooking for myself though!


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