Final NYC Meal

For our final meal, we stopped by Whole Foods for their salad bar.  I went through the line and basically if it was vegan, I got it!  I had lemon baked tofu, baked tofu, forbidden rice, edamame, soy-tein, sesame tofu, sesame broccoli, shredded carrots, artichokes, black beans, Okra Massala, pita bread, cucumbers, peppadew, and plenty of other dishes including a vegan dumpling!  I counted 15 components all together!  It was really tasty, I wish we had a Whole Foods near by!  I’m glad I ate this since our flight was delayed and I was stuck with a Luna Bar and Coffee for dinner!


I would have to say that New York City was a success, both entertainment wise and culinary wise!  I do miss cooking for myself though! Oh, I also snacked on Cheese Quackers from PF&W!

NYC has brought on some changes… first off, I will be walking a lot more at home.  Instead of hopping in the car to pick up ingredients, I am going to walk to our local Harris Teeter instead!  I’m also going to be a full-time blogger.  Basically, I’ll blog everything I eat.  Before, I wouldn’t post if I had a grape or two.  Now, I’ll post my structured meals and even if I nibble you guys will hear about it!  I’m not changing really, I am just building on myself.

Good Night Everyone 🙂



  1. Kath said

    Looks like you had a great trip!! I LOOOOVE the Whole Foods salad bar but – I have never eaten at one!! I’ve only visited when I make Whole Foods a tourist attraction on vacations 😦 Glad you got to try the Quakers too – I wonder if the cheesy ones are better than the rosemary, which were the best thing I ever put in my mouth. I might have to fork out the hefty price and buy some more!

  2. veganseat said

    I was really surprised at how pricey they were or I would have bought both bags! Looking back, I really should have seeing that I won’t be there any time soon. The cheese quakers are really good, they almost taste like cheese its! I bet the rosemary are better though, these things stain your toothbrush yellow!

  3. That salad is HUGE!! I was in NYC but didn’t see any Whole Foods… Now I feel so sorry about it! I could have eaten such a great salad!

  4. Julz said

    Kath you MUST! Everything at the WF saladbar is INCREDIBLE but every WF has a different one…Im def going to take some incognito pics at mine (if i get up the courage) lol

    And Ally, your salad looks HEAVENLY ❤

  5. VeggieGirl said

    AHHH!!! WHOLE FOODS!!! ONE LUCKY DUCK SNACKS!!!! Girl, you and I DEFINITELY have similar tastes!!! :0D

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