I know it’s a bit late but my flight was delayed so I’m just settling down.  Instead of sleeping at the airport, I pre wrote some blog entries! Blossom 

After a long Friday evening in the city, we headed out to Blossom, another Vegan Restaurant.  I went in with a growling stomach since I knew I could eat anything I wanted and not really worry about it.  Having true vegan options was so easy; it was a great change from restaurants at home.


To start off the night, my mother and I split the stuffed ravioli.  The ravioli was drenched with a cashew cream sauce, the high light of the dish.  The raviolis themselves were a little bland but when paired with the cashew cream sauce, it really was an explosion of taste!  The dish was topped with small grape tomatoes.


My main dish was a Stuffed Portobello Dish.  With three asparagus spears on the side, this Portobello was stuffed with a mixture of protein, caramelized onions, and some sort of sauce.  The Portobello was laying on a bed of Apricot Couscous.  I wish the lighting had been better here because this dish was gorgeous.  I guess you guys will just have to take my word for it!  I know dim lighting is visibly appealing and makes you eat more but us bloggers need some light!  I tried to be discrete but in the end I was actually holding a candle in the air to try and get some light! 😛


For my mother’s main course, she chose to eat the Spinach Risotto with Shitaki Crusted Tofu.  Her risotto was simply amazing, it had mushrooms, onions, and even a balsamic reduction on the side.  If my Portobello dish hadn’t been so good I would have ordered this!  It was bright green in color and with the slices of tofu, it was really visually appealing. 


This meal wouldn’t be complete without another Vegan Dessert.  The one item that jumped out to both of us was the Strawberry Cheesecake.  A sweet, rich cheesecake topped with a sweet strawberry sauce.  My mom claimed the dessert was better than other ‘regular’ cheesecake she has had in the past!


We ended the night with a pot of freshly steeped Peppermint tea.  Such a relaxing end to a great meal!


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