Black Bean Bash!

Before I start today’s dinner post, I have to talk about the cutest license plate I saw!  It was… avocado.  I thought it was so funny!  For Dinner tonight, I whipped out the handy Veganomicon book and made the black bean burgers i’ve been dying to try.  They were pretty easy to make and I learned from past mistakes and kept a hand rag nearby (kneading these can get very messy!)

I chose to bake my patties in the oven at 350* for 30 minutes or so, flipping half way through.  The baked burgers were really chewy, I loved the texture of these!

To dress up my burger, I topped it with 1/4 cup mashed avocado, lemon, and sea salt.  I used a homemade potato bun- I still love these buns, so chewy!

On the side, I had baked squash ‘fries’ dipped into ketchup.

Dinner was 435 calories, 21 grams of protein, and 13 grams of fiber!

The weather has been so nice today… I’m actually going to go walk one of the dogs! 



  1. I love your blog. I was wondering why you choose to count calories and if you actually feel full on the amount that you eat per day. I used to count calories and I am trying to veer away from it, although sometimes I will add it all up in my head for assurance of not too much/ enough. When eating really healthy it is hard to make sure that we eat ENOUGH food more often than TOO MUCH.

    Anyways I am just curious because if you are able to feel full and maintain your weight (or are you trying to lose – i don’t know) on the amount that you have per day – not sure exactly where I am going with this…I am just interested is all…


  2. veganseat said

    Thanks! I chose to count calories because I don’t like deprivation and when you count calories, You can have dessert and make room for it if you want. I don’t post everything I eat on the blog although I am going to start doing that after I get back from vacation (this monday). For example, if I have a handful of grapes and tea I don’t post it… I’m a little new to blogging so I’m sort of still learning.

    Starting this monday I’ll post everything. I think that will make my blog a bit more realistic!

    Thanks for reading,

  3. Anne said


    Just wondering– what is the calorie count of the burgers? And how do you make those squash fries? Thanks.

  4. Mom said

    Thanks for dinner Ally- I am liking a lot of your food! Not the dishes though:)

  5. Natalie said

    the burgers look good. I’ll def. give them a try with the avocado

  6. Denny said


  7. veganseat said

    Anne- My burgers came out to 133 calories each since I used Ezekiel bread crumbs instead of the usual bread crums. For the ‘fries’, I simply cut up the squash and then roasted it in the oven until soft but still firm. I finished it with some salt. It’s my guilt free version of fries.

    Mom- Thanks for embarrassing me on the blog 😉

  8. Hehe your mom’s so cute to comment on your blog :o)

  9. Natalie said

    ezekiel bread crumbs…
    how does the nutrition info compare to regular bread crumbs? Also do u find them next to regular bread crumbs?
    thanks 🙂

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