A Chilly Afternoon

I had a pretty good workout today.  I went to the gym and ran on the indoor track.  2 miles in 15:35.  After running, I hopped on the stairmaster for 30 minutes, that thing makes me sweat!  It was sunny out so I put on my bathing suit and tried to read my new Shape magazine.  I lasted five minutes, it’s sooo cold here today!

Proof that I was outside!  My mom had a blast laughing at me 😛  I’m painting my toenails red tonight- they look really bad!  Running cross country has really ruined my toes!

For my afternoon snack, I decided to mess around with the soy flour some more and make a pancake.

Soy flour, flax seeds, and topped with Smart Balance buttery spread!  It was pretty good, i’m getting used to the bitter taste of soy flour!  This snack turned out to be 173 calories, 17 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber!



  1. Kath said

    You were NOT outside today!! I was wearing gloves!!!!! What all is in your pancake? Banana? I love single-serving recipes, so please share if you can.

  2. veganseat said

    All I did was .25 cup soy flour, 1 tbs milled flax seeds, stevia, .25 cup soy milk, and some water to even it out.

    The pancake was sort of bitter at first but the smart balance really evened things out. I almost put in banana, I bet that would help the taste- I’m still experimenting with all of this soy!

    I tried so hard to be outside 😛

  3. Romina said

    That pancake looks delicious!

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