Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wasn’t hungry when I woke up this morning.  So, rather than force myself to eat I decided to do something I enjoy: bake!  I used Veganomicon’s Wheat Free Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.  It was so relaxing and fun to bake- The last time I baked was during Christmas (time flies!)

Cookie Dough!  I can’t lie, I definitely licked the spoon when I was done!

Fresh out of the oven. 

A close up for you guys!  They were crumbly due to the oat flour but they are delicious.  I actually made the oat flour myself by putting oats in a food processor!

I haven’t had cookies with real sugar for quite some time but now that I have given up Splenda and all artificial sweeteners I can actually enjoy a real dessert.  I baked these without knowing the calories but of course I had to find out when I was done.  I was shocked!  They aren’t that bad for you!  Who knows how many i’ll eat today 😛

  • 99 Calories
  • 4.5 Grams of Fat
  • 14 Grams of Carbohydrates
  • 1 Gram of Fiber
  • 1.2 Grams of Protein



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