Portobello Caps with Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Despite being really hungry, dinner turned out to be on the lighter side of things.  Mainly because I’m craving a bowl of cereal and almond milk for a snack…. so here you go:

Oven baked Portobello caps with italian seasoning, sea salt, Olive Oil Pam, and Balsamic Vinegar  on a bed of spinach.

On the side, Whipped Sweet Potatoes.  Sweet potato, cinnamon, nutmeg, smart balance buttery spread and a touch of stevia. 

246 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber. 

I’m off to go shower and read a book… i’m home alone so it’s nice and quiet 🙂



  1. Kath said

    Oh man – LOVE that plate AND that dinner AND your photos!! Sweet potatoes look delicious.

  2. Julz said

    Ooooooooo whipped sweet potatoes! Sooo good…I add TONS of cinnamon to mine and 1/4-1/2 tsp maple syrup! Makes them SO good for dessert 🙂

  3. courtney said

    WOW!! those sweet potatoes look amazing, could you tell me just how you whipped them up!??!? did you boil them and mash them or what?!? THANKS!!!! yum!

  4. veganseat said

    Thanks guys!

    Courtney- I sliced the sweet potatoes into little chunks and then boiled them until they were pretty soft. Then, I put them in my Mixer and added the SB, cinnamon, ect. I let them whip on one of the lowest settings while I made the spinach and cut the mushrooms. They were quite delicious 😛

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