Hot Yoga!

I just got back from Hot Yoga!  Class was 5:30-7:00 and I am exhausted!! I loved it so much that i’m going to look into Hot Yoga studios closer to my house.  This one was free on Thursdays and I met up with Jennifer so I suppose it was worth the 35 minute drive into the city (I drove slowly and read mapquest)

Like a dork, I ate sliced almonds and a carrot on my ride there- probably not the safest time to take a picture!

The Yoga Studio had free trail mix and apples so I grabbed this cute Organic Gala apple and munched on it on the way home.

Snacks today were 182 calories, 4 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fiber.  I am starving… time to whip something up for dinner!



  1. Kath said

    Providence Road???

    I’d love to join you sometime – I just don’t have a yoga mat! I was going to go to Yoga Oasis one Saturday morning but then had the no mat problem…

  2. veganseat said

    You sure know your roads!

    I have an extra mat you can use anytime! I went to Yoga One this time, Charlotte Yoga and Yoga Oasis are on my to-do list.

    Let me know the next time you do a class 🙂

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