Breakfast Fit For a Vegan

I slept in again, this time to 10:30.  Too early for lunch yet too late for breakfast… thus a real brunch!  I decided to go all out and create a Vegan Breakfast Feast.  First up is a Tofu Omelette with Bell Peppers and Spinach.  I pureed organic tofu with a touch of almond milk, seasoning, and some Egg-Replacer to thicken it up a bit since I don’t have any thickeners in this house.  Half of it fell apart but it was still devine.

Next up, Whole Wheat Pancakes with a Wild Blueberry Sauce.  I carefully measured out 1/4 cup of Aunt Jemima Whole Wheat Pancake Mix (it’s vegan!), 1/4th cup of almond milk, and some egg replacer which isn’t necessary but it was out so I figured ‘What the heck!’  While that was cooking, I took .5 cup of frozen wild blueberries and cooked them over the stove with two packets of stevia.  It formed a syrup and right before serving, I threw in some cinnamon to enhance things a bit. 

Overall, this brunch was 343 calories, 23 grams of protein, and 8 grams of fiber.



  1. VeggieGirl said

    what a GORGEOUS vegan brunch

  2. Andrea said

    i ran 3.5 miles this morning too!! it’s nice to sleep in on sundays and have a delicious brunch like you did 🙂

  3. veganseat said

    Thanks VeggieGirl!

    Andrea- sleeping in is wonderful… after a long week it’s nice to relax! If I make this a weekly habit, sleeping in will be my new hobby!

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