Veganomicon and Beanballs

I went to Border’s today and bought Veganomicon, the ultimate vegan cookbook.  It’s by the authors of Vegan With a Vengeance so I knew the recipes would be well worth the money.  I flipped through the book briefly and the recipes look so delicious and actually not that difficult!  First up from Veganomicon is…. Beanballs!

I modified the recipe slightly by using a little less wheat gluten and ezekiel 4:9 bread instead of bread crumbs.  The base is made of kidney beans.  I baked them in the oven and then paired 5 Beanballs (recipe made 12 so I will freeze those for future lunches) with tomato sauce, whole wheat penne, a huge zucchini, and spinach. 


Totals up to 577 calories, 30 grams of protein, and 26 grams of fiber.  I’m stuffed!



  1. Ana said

    Hey! I’m also a senior (had no idea there were so many of us focused on eating healthy ^_^). Wish we all went to school together! My friends believe in fast-food and energy drinks (shudder) to fuel them through the day-gotta love ’em though! I love your blog and your pics are GORGEOUS!! I was really struck by your imaginative lunches! I always end up packing the same thing just to save time and b/c I’m too tired to invent something! You’ve definitely inspired me^_^ Have to say, I’m not a vegan (love meat girls, sorry!), but I do love eating healthy and thinking about all the good each food component does for my body^_^ *future RD here? maybe? we’ll see!* lol! Anyway, great to meet another high schooler interested in nutrition (I saw you were interested in photography and nutrition-for me it’s writing and nutrition ^_^) Have an awesome weekend! (are you on Spring Break? We are officially today!!!!) GET EXCITED!

  2. veganseat said

    Thank you so, so much Ana! I’m glad I am able to inspire you, I really think it’s worth those extra twenty-thirty minutes to prepack a lunch and breakfast each night You can take your time and be as creative as you please! I enjoy photography as a hobby although I have had a few pictures in shows and one in a competition (Scholastic Competition). I’m thinking of going to school to be a RD or go into communications/broadcasting, i’m still undecided… My spring break starts on Wednesday, hope your break is going well!

    Thanks again,

  3. Ana said

    Wow! that’s actually what I am thinking of majoring in too! Cool! Yeah, we’re leaving for Florida tomorrow! I’m so excited ^_^ Hope you have an awesome break too! See you when I get back (hopefully with a tan? I don’t like tanning beds-I prefer the natural way -_^)

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