Afternoon Snack

For snack, I had 10 almonds and a mix of pumpkin and organic tofu.  For the pumpkin-tofu mix, I threw in .5 cup pumpkin and 1 serving of organic tofu into the mixer and let them incorporate.  Then, I added a tiny bit of stevia and a healthy dose of cinnamon. 

Filling and 167 calories, 13 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber.



  1. Annie said

    Oooh that sounds soo good..I usually do pumpkin + yogurt but will give that a try for sure

  2. veganseat said

    Annie- Thanks for the comment! I used to do Fage yogurt with pumpkin, so thats what inspired this little dish. The tofu took some getting used to but I love it now!

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